Nursing Home Abuse in Lantana

What’s an Ombudsman?

Florida’s Long-Term Care Ombudsman Program explains that an ombudsman is a person who acts as an advocate for nursing home residents and people who live in other long-term care facilities.

The volunteers who staff Florida’s program investigate complaints about safety, health care, abuse, and other issues that affect the well-being of vulnerable and elderly nursing home residents.

In 2010, ombudsmen investigated more than 9,000 complaints – a number greater than any other year in the program’s 35-year history.

For more information on the program, visit the Florida Long-Term Care Ombudsman Program website.

Source: Florida Long-Term Care Ombudsman Program.

The small coastal town of Lantana is among the Treasure Coast’s oldest communities, tracing its first settlers to the mid-1800s. Like other oceanfront communities in Palm Beach County, Lantana’s beginnings were tied to the fishing industry. Later, oysters became central to local commerce. Incorporated in 1921, Lantana’s permanent population numbers just under 10,000, and swells somewhat with an influx of visitors during the winter season. Throughout Florida, Lantana is known as the site of the state’s last remaining hospital for the treatment of tuberculosis.

A state hospital’s presence in any community serves as a tangible reminder of the importance of good health care and its influence on residents’ quality of life. At Freeman Injury Law, our Lantana nursing home neglect and abuse attorneys dedicate their efforts to helping residents of nursing facilities when the care they receive doesn’t measure up.

Our Lantana nursing home neglect lawyers handle cases involving harm that’s done to vulnerable elderly residents of nursing facilities because of intentional abuse by staff members or because a facility fails to meet its duty of providing professional care to those who need it. In Florida, our nearly 700 nursing homes have a record of citations for deficiencies that can threaten residents’ well-being. The Lantana nursing home abuse attorneys at our firm are familiar with the state’s Agency for Health Care Administration, which licenses and inspects Florida nursing homes. The alarming proportion of deficiencies is reflected in these top-five items reported in 2010:

  • 47% of state nursing homes failed to meet professional standards of care
  • 47% were cited for issues involving food storage, preparation, or service
  • 40% had insufficient infection control programs
  • 35% didn’t properly prepare, review or revise resident care plans
  • 34% were cited for medication-related issues

The Lantana nursing home neglect lawyers in our firm have seen the results of poor health care. Nursing home residents already challenged with medical problems can quickly take a turn for the worse when they don’t receive sufficient attention. We know that immobile residents who aren’t turned in bed frequently can develop bedsores. Those wounds are often a precursor to the potentially deadly condition sepsis, which can lead to organ failure. Residents who aren’t supervised may fall and suffer broken bones or other serious injuries. Our attorneys know that Centers for Disease Control and Prevention figures show that nursing home residents fall twice as often as elderly people who live at home. In facilities where rooms and hallways aren’t kept clean, obstacles can cause residents to trip and unsanitary conditions can breed infections. The harm can be widespread for vulnerable, elderly nursing home residents.

Older Americans who reside in communities nationwide aren’t immune to problems, either. Even though they may be more mobile and better able to care for their needs than nursing home residents, our elderly citizens can be at risk for neglect by caregivers in their own homes. Our Lantana elder abuse lawyers understand that physical and emotional mistreatment takes a toll on millions of elderly people each year. Financial abuse is a particular problem, involving such actions as improperly cashing checks, diverting funds, identity theft, and other activities designed to rob elderly victims of their assets. Official estimates suggest that as many as 5 million elderly people are victims of financial exploitation.

If you suspect that an elderly person is suffering because of abuse or neglect, you can make a difference. Call law enforcement if someone is in immediate danger. If you are suspicious about nursing home care or the actions of staff members, speak with supervisors or administrators. When you need help to confirm that abuse or neglect is hurting someone you care about, contact the Lantana nursing home neglect and elder abuse lawyers at Freeman Injury Law, and ask for a free consultation. If you’re unable to come to our offices, we’ll speak with you at home or in your nursing home. We believe you deserve the highest quality care, and we’ll take action to help you get it.

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