Aggressive Driving Accidents

Aggressive driving has become a problem on America’s roads – one that many people consider to be a tangible threat to their safety and the safety of their loved ones. Although aggressive driving – sometimes called road rage – is not new, there is speculation that greater congestion on the nation’s roads is a key contributor to the problem. However, sources also blame everything from hot climates to the pace of change in our daily lives. Whatever the reasons, the bottom line is that aggressive driving causes accidents. If you or a loved one has been hurt by an aggressive driver, contact a personal injury lawyer to discuss your rights.

What is Aggressive Driving?

Florida’s Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles calls “violent or visibly angry behavior by a driver” that can lead to accidents or “other incidents on roadways” aggressive driving.

Some behaviors that signal road rage or aggressive driving include:

  • Sudden acceleration, tailgating, or sudden braking
  • Blocking vehicles from merging or cutting others off
  • Excessive use of horns or flashing of lights
  • Use of hand gestures
  • Shouted threats or obscenities
  • Threatening others with weapons
  • Causing a crash intentionally

Source: Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles

The Palm Beach car accident attorneys at Freeman Injury Law have seen the results of aggressive drivers’ road rage. We applaud the efforts of law enforcement agencies and highway safety organizations that spearhead efforts to crack down on aggressive drivers. When you’ve suffered serious injuries because a motorist behaved irresponsibly and aggressively, our Broward County car accident attorneys believe you should be compensated for the damage done to your physical health, your property, and your earning ability. We are dedicated to bringing aggressive drivers to justice, and we’ll pursue the maximum compensation available for you.

Like the personal injury attorneys at Freeman Injury Law, you know aggressive driving when you see it. Angry motorists may follow your car too closely and change lanes rapidly and repeatedly. Aggressive drivers may run red lights, and they are likely to travel at unsafe speeds, posing a direct threat to others on the road.

What should you do if you cross paths with an aggressive driver? “Get out of the way,” says the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Avoid the tendency to engage with aggressive drivers. Let them pull ahead, and ignore behavior such as rude gestures. The agency also advises motorists to avoid making eye contact with aggressive drivers as it may be construed as a challenge and cause the unsafe driver to escalate their bad behavior. Ask a passenger in your car to call police, or pull over and do so yourself. Reporting aggressive drivers can help law enforcement efforts to address the problem.

The Port St. Lucie car accident lawyers at Freeman Injury Law urge you to contact our office without delay if you’ve been hurt by an aggressive driver or if you’ve lost a loved one in a road rage incident. The law places time limits on your ability to pursue compensation claims – don’t let procrastination prevent you from taking action. Our experienced and assertive attorneys know the heartbreak that comes with the loss of a family member. We also understand the pain and confusion that follow traffic accidents. Our firm is committed to providing you with the caring personal attention you deserve during such difficult times. We pledge to fight for your rights and to pursue the maximum compensation available when an aggressive driver’s actions leave you injured or bereaved. Call our offices and ask for your free consultation. We’ll come to your home or hospital room if your injuries prevent your coming to us. You pay our firm nothing unless we recover damages for you. Don’t trust your well-being – now and in the future – to untried or inexperienced lawyers. The South Florida personal injury and wrongful death attorneys at Freeman Injury Law have a solid reputation for successfully representing accident victims, and we can help you, too. We’re on your side.

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