$500,000 - Motorcycle accident client suffered shoulder nerve damage (policy limits). 

$250,000 - Automobile accident, abdominal injury, insurance company originally denied all liability then tendered entire policy limit. 

$100,000 - Bicycle accident, fractured jaw, insurance company tendered entire policy limits. 

$775,000 - Resident who developed decubitus ulcers which became gangrenous and caused the resident's death. 

$130,000 - Motorcycle accident causing herniated discs. 

$1,225,000 - Child Abuse case. 

$170,000 - Resident suffered development and deterioration of decubitus ulcers. 

$870,000 - Death of 79 year old nursing home resident due to starvation and bedsores. 

$100,000 - Hospital's staff failed to properly diagnose and administer medication to a potential stroke patient.  Patient was discharged and subsequently suffered a stroke. 

$1,236,444 - ALF resident suffered catastrophic burns over 20% of her body. 

$115,000 - Hospital patient suffered the development and deterioration of gangrenous decubitus ulcers requiring amputation of his leg which eventually led to his death. 

$175,000 - Assisted living facility failed to properly monitor and diagnose mentally unstable resident who attempted suicide by lighting herself on fire. 

$475,000 - Nursing home resident suffered a fall resulting in a fractured neck and subsequent decubitus ulcer. 

$310,000 - Attorney violated Statute of Limitations in connection with his representation of a client which barred the client from suing the defendant. 

$100,000 - Hospital left medical equipment in a patient. 

$600,000 - Home health care agency failed to report abuse of a resident at an assisted living facility. 

$125,000 - Department store customer slipped and fell in soap and suffered serious shoulder injury. 

$300,000 - Doctor failed to recognize symptoms of serious adverse side effects from inappropriate medication. 

$117,000 - Attorney violated the Statute of Limitations in connection with his representation of a client for a slip and fall accident.  The client's claim became time barred and she had no further recourse for her serious injuries. 

$350,000 - Nursing home resident suffered numerous care failures by the facility and developed decubitus ulcers that deteriorated and became gangrenous requiring amputation of his right leg which eventually led to his death. 

$1.7 Million - A young professional was killed when a tractor trailer failed to yield the right of way. 

$265,000 - Group home resident was sexually assaulted. 

$870,000 - Children were molested at an after school center. 

$195,000 - Nursing home resident suffered a fall resulting in a hip dislocation and fracture and subsequently suffered a decubitus ulcer. 

$275,000 - Nursing home resident suffered the development of severe infection, dehydration and malnutrition which resulted in multiple hospital admissions and ultimately led to his death. 

$800,000 - Toxic exposure 

$95,000 - Nursing home resident suffered multiple falls that resulted in fractures, over medication, dehydration and malnutrition.  

$200,000 - Nursing home allowed a resident's trachea tube to become infected.   

$82,500 - Customer of a convenience store tripped and fell seriously injuring his knee. 

$500,000 - Moped driver was hit by a car and suffered head injuries. 

$100,000 - Construction worker severely injured hand while working with saw. 

$385,000 - 74 year old man was admitted to a nursing home for rehabilitation and developed decubitus ulcers which caused his death. 

$77,500 - Patient was not properly treated at hospital's emergency room after lacerating thumb.

Prior results do not guarantee a similar outcome.

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