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Belle Isle is a small city in Orange County, defined largely by Lake Conway, one of Greater Orlando’s biggest lakes, which is situated in the geographical center. There is also the southern part of Little Lake Conway, another of the region’s large lakes, located in Belle Isle as well.

The area is sometimes confused for cities of the same name in regions of Miami, FL and Detroit, MI. This Belle Island, though, is smaller than the others. Still, it has its own police department, city manager and commissioners – though all elected officials work for free. According to the City of Belle Isle’s website, there are about 75 business located here, and while the city only has 5.1 square miles – 2.3 square miles of which is land and the rest water – city officials have been working to attract more families with children. In addition to the major lakes and lake chains, the city has numerous parks and beaches, which draws people from all around.

Belle Isle car accident lawyers know many collisions are the result of careless drivers who fail to maintain a proper distance, keep a watchful eye or remain sober behind the wheel.

Our goal is to help ensure car accident victims receive the compensation they deserve.

Efforts to Improve Traffic Safety in Belle Isle

The city recently announced a number of road improvements and increases in police traffic patrols to help make Belle Isle streets safer.

The Belle Isle Police Department was only just formed in 2009, effectively doubling the number of city employees from 11 to 20. It works with a budget of roughly $1.5 million. Previously, the city was patrolled by the Orange County Sheriff’s Office, which might have dedicated a few officers a shift to random patrols. Now, although the OSCO continues to provide dispatch services and additional resources as needed, the city can initiate regular patrols and traffic enforcement and knowledgeable officers dedicated to community policing. The agency also partners with the Florida Highway Patrol, the Edgewood Police Department and the Orlando Police Department. In a single year, Belle Isle Police handle approximately 7,400 calls for service and file 650 reports.

Grants the police department has received to help boost traffic enforcement include:

  • Florida Traffic Records Coordinating Committee Grant - $33,000 to purchase 12 new mobile computers, printers and scanners to use in police cruisers.

  • Byrne Grant - $10,000 to purchase new building surveillance and body cameras.

  • League of Cities - $1,500 to purchase first aid supplies, vehicle lighting, fire extinguishers, etc.

The department has also worked to provide daily traffic enforcement at the two local elementary schools in the area.

In addition to the police department’s strides, city officials have been mapping out plans to improve local infrastructure, including streets, sidewalks and intersections. Officials say roadway drainage issues are an ongoing problem, which can create hazardous driving conditions during Florida’s rainy season.

Why You Need a Belle Isle Accident Lawyer

It is true that technically, you can file claims for injury compensation yourself. However, we almost never recommend going that route if you’ve suffered an injury that requires more than a once-over by emergency medical workers. Instances in which you need a car accident lawyer include:

  • You have suffered injuries, particularly severe injuries;
  • The accident was fatal;
  • The vehicles involved sustained heavy damage;
  • You incurred expensive medical bills;
  • It is disputed who was at-fault;
  • The auto insurance company refuses to pay.

Our attorneys can help you with investigating the causation and extent of losses, negotiating a fair settlement with the involved auto insurance companies or other at-fault parties and, if necessary, preparing for a trial.

Most car accident claims can be settled through negotiation before it gets anywhere near the trial phase. However, when injuries are especially serious or car insurance companies drag their heels or act in bad faith, it may be necessary to ask a judge or jury to decide key issues of dispute.

When you have suffered an injury as serious as numerous broken bones, brain injury or spinal cord damage, you may be facing a long recovery and it becomes imperative to hire an injury lawyer. Our dedicated team of personal injury lawyers in Belle Isle can help you build a strong case to bolster your chances of damage recovery.

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