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Maitland has the distinction of being one of the oldest incorporated cities in Central Florida. Once a U.S. Army fort, and later part of the Old Black Bear Trail, which ran from Montreal, Canada all the way to St. Petersburg, Florida, Maitland has evolved significantly over the course of the last 200 years.

In recent years, this suburban city in Orange County – part of the greater Metro Orlando area – has been undergoing a period of intense growth. What was once a sleepy citrus town is fast becoming a central hub of art and culture.

Our Maitland car accident lawyers know this has meant increasing traffic. The city is now home to the Florida Film Festival and Central Florida’s only full-time independent movie theater. It’s also home to several arts and history museums, as well as the headquarters of national wholesaler company and the Jewish Community Center of Greater Orlando. Maitland Center, established on 226 acres of private property in the city limits, is home to a sizable office complex and a growing source of development west of I-4. There are also numerous parks, lakes and a bustling farmer’s market.

Addressing Maitland’s Traffic Woes

The Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles’ recent report shows there were nearly 70,000 traffic infractions in Orange County in all of 2015. That same year, the county saw 28,130 car accidents – 12,800 of those resulting in injury. There were also 142 who died countywide that year.

Traffic safety analysts assert much of the growth in Maitland has necessitated updates to traffic patterns and facilities. City officials have identified improvement of transportation has a top goal in coming years. The city’s capital improvements plan indicates the majority priorities for improved traffic safety include:

  • Redevelopment of Orlando Avenue, which runs through the center of Downtown Maitland (upgrades of utilities and improvements of traffic flow);

  • Enhancing landscaping, green space and pedestrian-friendly travel along the Orlando Avenue Corridor;

  • Transportation improvements that incorporate new bike trails (by Lake Lucien and Lake Harvest) and improvements on those existing trails;

  • New streetscape entry features at Lake Avenue and Keller Road;

  • A planned parking deck downtown;

  • Upgrade the traffic signal at Sandspur Road and Maitland Avenue from span wire to mast arms.

There are several other intersections that are also slated for improvements, such as updating lighting, installing new traffic signals, bettering sidewalks and creating more pedestrian facilities. These transportation improvements were given first priority by city leaders through 2021. They’re important because they reflect not just a commitment to the safety of those traveling by foot or bicycle, as well as those in motor vehicles.

The planned pedestrian bridge over Maitland Boulevard is a prime example of this commitment.

Another point of pride for city leaders is the use of red light traffic enforcement cameras that dot the region – five in all, as of this writing. The goal is to reduce red light-running and the accidents associated with those. By some national accounts, the cameras are associated with a 25 percent reduction in fatal red light running crashes and 17 percent of fatal intersection accidents overall. However, some critics complain the cameras are associated with higher rates of rear-end collisions, with many drivers suddenly stopping abruptly to avoid getting a citation. Despite a number of legal challenges in Florida, the cameras here remain.

Meanwhile, as they continue on with other improvements, officials worry that needed updates to Orlando Avenue and Horatio Avenue – busy thoroughfares in Maitland – may take much longer. That’s because these streets are controlled by the state and county, respectively, and coordination with these entities can be “time-consuming.” Still, officials have opined that if they start with intersection improvements – which can be done at the city-level – it should alleviate the need (at least for a while) for road-widening, which must be approved by either the state or county.

Legal Help After Maitland Car Accident

If you suffer a car accident injury in Maitland, it’s important to seek legal help because you need to ensure you will be justly compensated for your losses. That includes medical bills, lost wages and pain and suffering.

F.S. 627.736 requires Floridians to secure personal injury protection (PIP) benefits of at least $10,000 per the state’s no-fault car accident system. It’s only if your expenses exceed that amount that you are allowed to take legal action against the other driver. However, it’s not uncommon for motorists to have to wrangle with their PIP insurer too. And the truth of the matter is, damages from even a seemingly minor accident can quickly pile up and exceed that $10,000-mark.

Your attorney will ensure your rights and interests aren’t overlooked or sidestepped. We fight to ensure you receive the compensation you deserve.

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