Car Accident in Plantation

Broward County Car Accidents
  • Broward County is second only to Miami-Dade in the number of traffic crashes that occur yearly.
  • In a year’s time 25,957 accidents happen on Broward County roads.
  • 1,513 of those crashes are alcohol-related.
  • 189 people lose their lives each year because of traffic crashes in Broward County.
  • 58 of those people died in alcohol-related accidents.
  • More than 20,000 people suffered injuries in Broward County crashes.

Source: Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles.

The city of Plantation calls itself the community where “The Grass is Greener.” In this central Broward County city, the focus on greenery is confirmed by Plantation’s nearly three decades of designation as a Tree City USA. The National Wildlife Federation has bestowed its Community Wildlife Habitat title on Plantation, as well. More than 80,000 residents now call the community home, and an emphasis on business redevelopment has attracted the corporate headquarters of a number of highly regarded companies. Plantation locations have been featured in the motion pictures There’s Something About Mary and Caddyshack.

At Freeman Injury Law, our Plantation personal injury attorneys know that the rapid growth many parts of South Florida has seen in the last decades means greater crowding on the state’s roads. Our own Broward County is second only to Miami-Dade in the number of traffic crashes that occur every year. In Broward, that number is nearly 26,000.

Because the Plantation car accident lawyers at our firm are experienced in handling claims for compensation when people suffer injuries in motor vehicle accidents, we know that the aftermath of a car accident can be an especially trying time. Insurance policies and the language they use can be confusing. Adjusters who work for big insurance companies may urge you to accept a fast settlement, perhaps even before the extent of your injuries and your future needs are known.

Accidents happen for many reasons, but a consistent cause is impaired driving. In Broward County, about 1,500 car accidents each year are alcohol-related crashes. The Plantation car accident attorneys at our firm believe that every driver has a duty to exercise caution and to drive responsibly. When they don’t do that, accidents can happen, and innocent victims sustain injuries that can change – or even take – their lives. If you’ve been hurt by a drunk driver or by a driver who was careless, distracted, or reckless in any way, you could be entitled to receive compensation. If your injuries are serious, you’re likely to need significant help – not just with the costs of your medical care, but also to replace the wages you lose when you can’t work and to replace your damaged car or other property. When you endure pain and suffering, damages also may be available in consideration of that.

When a car accident has left you hurt badly, you need to focus your attention on your recovery. The Plantation personal injury lawyers at our firm make it possible for you to do just that. We’ll step in to represent your interests when insurance adjusters call. We aren’t afraid to take on big insurance companies, and our well-developed negotiation skills can serve you well in those dealings. If you’re having problems getting the care you need, our Plantation car accident attorneys have a network of medical resources to call on – we can help.

If you or someone you care about has been hurt in an accident on Florida roads, the skilled legal representation you need is available in the Plantation personal injury lawyers at Freeman Injury Law. We know how to protect your rights and how to collect the evidence needed to build a compelling case for you. Residents of Plantation and Broward County know our firm’s reputation for delivering excellence in legal representation. You can put that experience to work for your family. Call today and ask for a free, confidential consultation. If we don’t recover damages for you, then you owe us nothing.

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