Distracted Driving Accidents

distracted driving accidentsWhen drivers take their cars, trucks or other vehicles to America’s roads, they have a duty to exercise caution and to operate their vehicles safely and responsibly. While many motorists do just that, the advent of cell phones, the proliferation of fast food drive-through lanes, and other aspects of modern life conspire to divert drivers’ attention from the road. Distracted driving can occur for many reasons, and its effects can be deadly. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) attributes 5,474 deaths and some 448,000 injuries per year to distracted drivers. If you or someone you love has been hurt in an accident because another driver was not paying attention, talk with a qualified injury attorney to see if you might be eligible to receive compensation.

Distracted Driving

In 2009, distracted driving was involved in 20% of injury-causing crashes.

Distracted driving played a role in 18% of fatal traffic crashes.

Motorists under the age of 20 are most likely to be distracted drivers.

Research indicates that cell phone use (hand-held or hands-free models) can delay drivers’ reactions as much as being intoxicated can.

Drivers aged 30 – 39 are most likely to be distracted by cell phones.

Source: National Highway Traffic Safety Administration

The Fort Lauderdale car attorneys at Freeman Injury Law are seasoned veterans when it comes to handling cases involving motor vehicle accidents. Our firm has watched the percentage of distracted drivers involved in fatal crashes rise over the past few years – from 7% in 2005 to 11% by 2009. We know that there are plenty of distractions that can claim drivers’ attention. But we believe that drivers must be responsible and focused behind the wheel. When they aren’t, accidents occur and innocent people are injured. If you’ve been harmed by a distracted driver, you may be entitled to compensation for your injuries and lost wages. Our Broward County personal injury and wrongful death lawyers can evaluate your situation and advise you on claims for damages.

What constitutes distracted driving? The NHTSA defines it as “any non-driving activity a person engages in that has the potential to distract him or her from the primary task of driving and increase the risk of crashing.” Distractions may take drivers’ eyes from the road (visual), interfere with steering (manual) or disrupt thinking about the task at hand (cognitive). A national survey conducted by the agency revealed that, during daylight hours, some 672,000 vehicles in the U.S. are being driven by individuals using hand-held cell phones. While phones are leading culprits, the NHTSA points out that many distractions cause accidents. A few examples are:

  • Cell phone use
  • Drinking and/or eating
  • Conversing with passengers
  • Personal grooming
  • Viewing maps or reading
  • Use of a navigation system or PDA
  • Viewing a video
  • Adjusting radios, CD players, or Mp3 players

If you are one of the more than 440,000 people injured each year by distracted drivers, the Palm Beach car accident attorneys at Freeman Injury Law can help you pursue compensation for your injuries. When drivers don’t pay attention, they may cause higher-speed crashes. In turn, those events can cause greater physical harm. Our experienced Broward car accident attorneys have the resources needed to thoroughly investigate accidents and to assess liability. If you’ve been hurt by a distracted driver, we can explain your rights and the options available to you. Our seasoned lawyers are prepared to take action for you, pursuing the maximum amount of compensation available to pay for your medical care, your lost income, your damaged property, and your pain and suffering.

Your choice of attorneys is an important one and can greatly affect the amount of monetary damages you recover. When you call the personal injury lawyers at Freeman Injury Law, you’re assured of hard-hitting legal professionals with real-world experience in handling cases like yours. Call our offices today. We offer you a free initial consultation, and you pay us nothing if we don’t recover money for you.

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