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The estimated 2,600 residents of Edgewood, Florida treasure their tree-lined streets and views of some of the most beautiful lakes in Central Florida, including Gatlin, Conway, Jessamine, Mary and Jennie Jewel. It’s especially attractive for its short commute to some of the area’s biggest employers, including those in downtown Orlando as well as the nearby theme parks and tourist districts, the Orlando International Airport and the Lake Nona “medical city” in the southeast.

Sometimes confused with Edgewater, which is in Volusia County, Edgewood was founded as a commerce center on the South Florida Railroad line between Tampa and Orlando. Originally, the city had a much larger footprint, but in the 1920s, community leaders divided the community into three towns: Edgewood, Pine Castle and Belle Isle.

Today, about 40,000 vehicles pass through Edgewood daily. City officials are actively working to move past the city’s reputation as a speed trap home to auto shops and thrift stores. Instead, leaders want to carve out a more distinct identity focusing on improvement of retail centers and restaurants, vacant industrial space and growing medical facilities.

At Freeman Injury Law, our Edgewood injury lawyers know that these kinds of expansions – done right -are sure to draw more residents and visitors. We also know that such growth can increase the number of personal injuries, especially if visionaries, leaders and businesses fail to adequately consider personal safety.

Safety Challenges in Edgewood

The current borders of Edgewood, according to a recent report from the Urban Land Institute, have posed logistical challenges for police, emergency response teams and service providers. The layout is a mix of land uses and that can make it challenging to determine exactly where a call was generated and which agency should respond. Emergency responders from neighboring districts have entered into a joint response agreement in order to make sure residents along the jagged borders are covered. City officials are exploring the possibility of annexing land that would help to clarify the municipal borders.

There are also discussions about needing the input of traffic engineers to help with the unusual traffic pattern and misaligned streets along Orange Avenue, particularly where it intersects with Holden and Gatlin Avenues. It’s an area where there are numerous shopping plazas, and the city says it will be necessary to work with them to develop a cohesive commercial project on both sides of the road to make the thoroughfare safer.

In addition to a series of beautification projects, city leaders also say better way-finding signage is needed throughout the area, as well as more street lights and improved sidewalks. Eventually, leaders envision Orange Avenue as a place where people walk, bicycle and get out of their cars to visit. This could potentially attract new businesses and compel those existing to improve their own properties.

These measures could help reduce the risk of serious injury from:

  • Car accidents;
  • Trip-and-fall injuries;
  • Slip-and-fall injuries;
  • Bicycle accidents;
  • Pedestrian accidents.

This is not to say these things won’t still happen, but proper planning could lessen the potential.

How an Edgewood Injury Lawyer Can Help

Our Edgewood injury attorneys are committed to helping those who have suffered serious injuries or losses as a result of another’s negligence.

  • In order to prove negligence in a civil case, one needs to show:
  • Defendant (wrongdoer) owed a duty of care to plaintiff (injured party);
  • Defendant breached that duty of care;
  • Defendant’s breach of duty caused plaintiff to suffer injury.

Another important element of these cases is proving damages. Personal injury can cause real and immediate suffering, and we know the sooner you obtain compensation, usually the better. Still, successful lawsuits can take time – and you need to make sure your personal injury lawyer is up to the challenge.

Beyond just producing medical bills, our attorneys will conduct an in-depth analysis of the wages and work-related benefits lost – to date and in the future. That includes lost opportunities for promotion and retirement savings. We’ll also look the negative quality of life impact, including the damage to personal relationships and everyday enjoyment.

Our experienced injury law firm in Edgewood will take a focused look at all the facts, applicable laws and the kinds of damages eligible in your case, and we will fight to ensure you receive fair compensation.

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