Falls in the workplace

Have you ever slipped or tripped at work? Almost everyone has experienced that disorienting occurrence. When we can’t recover balance quickly enough, many such incidents end in a fall. Even if they don’t, injuries can still happen. U.S. Department of Labor statistics on work-related incidents attribute as much as 65% of lost work days to slip accidents. Fact is, a slip and fall can happen almost before you know it.

Workplace Falls

Injuries from falls on the job happen all too often. In fact, government sources list them in fourth place among the leading causes of death in the workplace. The U.S. Department of Labor tracks such incidents and reports these annual figures for workplace falls nationwide:

Same-level falls - 157,680

Falls to a lower level - 67,510

At Freeman Injury Law, our personal injury attorneys and Fort Lauderdale workers’ compensation lawyers have built valuable experience in handling cases involving workplace falls. You’ll want that kind of know-how on your side if you or someone you love is injured in a fall on the job. Our workplace injury lawyers aggressively investigate harmful incidents and tirelessly pursue compensation for you to help ease the physical pain of your injuries and the financial pain that comes from lost work time.

“Any walking/working surface could be a potential fall hazard” in the workplace. That’s the alarming pronouncement of the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health.

Many factors can affect your safety at work by setting up an environment that might lead to falls. Is your work area clean? Obstacles can cause employees to trip. Spills that aren’t immediately cleaned can leave floors slippery. Poor lighting can confuse spatial perception and result in trips or falls. Areas where there are steps should be clearly marked and handrails or grab bars provided. Noisy environments or those that pose other types of distractions can keep workers’ attention off their movements and cause accidents. Unsafe equipment or improperly placed floor mats can become hazards as well.

Whatever the cause, fall accidents at work should always be reported. Even slips and trips that don’t lead to an actual fall should be investigated so that dangerous conditions can be identified and eliminated.

If you’ve been injured in a fall at work, the personal injury lawyers and Fort Lauderdale and West Palm Beach workers’ compensation attorneys at Freeman Injury Law are in your corner. Our lawyers understand how distressing and disruptive an on-the-job injury can be. When an unfortunate accident happens, you need to know what can be done to help you with medical costs, living expenses, lost wages and more. Contact the experienced workplace injury attorneys at Freeman Injury Law for your free consultation. Don’t suffer alone – we’re on YOUR side.

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