Injury in Miramar, Florida

Miramar, Florida Fast Facts
  • The median household income is $61,594.
  • Almost half of all households in the city are comprised of families raising children under the age of 18.
  • Spanish, French Creole, French, and Tagalog account for roughly 39% of the first languages learned among residents.

Miramar is a city of more than 122,000 people located in Broward County. Miramar is considered to be a part of the South Florida Metropolitan area, and has been classified as a bedroom community for Miami since the area was founded back in 1953. Miramar spans approximately 2.9 square miles and is bordered by Pembroke Pines, Hollywood, West Park, and Miami-Dade County. Miramar is the home of Spirit Airlines headquarters, and Premier Beverage, which is the top employer in the city.

For those who live in Miramar or who visit this Florida City, Miramar is an attractive place to live with pleasant weather and easy access to Miami. However, Miramar is a city where there are risks to residents and visitors alike. Injuries can happen in Miramar for many different reasons, changing the lives of victims and their families forever.

When injuries occur in Miramar, victims need to understand what their options are and how Florida laws protect them. Freeman Injury Law’s Miramar personal injury attorneys serve clients in Miramar and surrounding areas, and can provide invaluable advice and assistance in making legal claims for damages. Our Miramar personal injury lawyers have helped many victims obtain full compensation through negotiated settlements or litigation after injuries in Miramar, and we are ready to help if you or someone you love has been hurt.

Injuries in Miramar

Injuries can occur in Miramar due to falls, car crashes, nursing home abuse and neglect, dog bites, unsafe property conditions, and defective products -- among many other causes. Injuries are often life-changing or fatal, preventing someone from continuing to work, reducing earning power, and necessitating costly medical bills. Some of the most common types of injuries that victims may experience after accidents and incidents of negligence in Miramar include:

  • Spinal cord damage
  • Paralysis
  • Brain injury
  • Broken bones
  • Lacerations
  • Disfigurement

Miramar is served by Memorial Hospital Miramar, Pembroke Urgent Care, and Memorial Hospital West. In any situation where you sustain an injury on-the-job or in any type of accident, it is important for you to visit a hospital or medical care facility right away. Not only can getting prompt medical attention save your life, but it can also provide you with the necessary proof you need to make an accident claim.

Your Rights after a Miramar Accident

When an accident injures you or causes death to someone you love, you can pursue a claim for monetary compensation. Victims who get hurt in Miramar will generally make a claim in Broward County civil court, or in federal court if the injuries were serious and the defendant was located outside of the state of Florida. You need to understand what court has the authority to hear your claim if you wish to pursue a case for damages.

When you pursue a claim for compensation after injuries in Miramar, you must be able to prove by a preponderance of the evidence that you are entitled to monetary compensation for your losses. This means showing that more likely than not, the defendant had an obligation to you, failed to live up to the duty, and hurt you because of the defendant’s failures.

There are many different kinds of evidence that can be used after a Miramar accident to prove a defendant was at fault. One of the best types of evidence after many accidents is a police report. The Miramar Police Department may respond after a motor vehicle collision to file a report. The officer who responds to the scene may issue a citation and will include his or her observations about the crash cause in the report. You can use this document as part of your proof the other driver was to blame for the crash.

Other types of evidence can include testimony from eyewitnesses or expert witnesses, medical records, surveillance footage, and business or personal records. An experienced attorney will help you to gather the proof that you need to make your case.

Contact a Miramar Accident Attorney

Freeman Injury Law has a long history of providing representation to injured victims and their families in the Miramar area. We have a solid reputation with insurers and local courts for being strong and passionate client advocates and we will bring decades of collective experience to your case. Give us a call at (800) 561-7777 or contact us online to schedule a free consultation and learn how we can assist with your injury claim.

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