Nursing Home Abuse in Boca Raton

Why Nursing Homes Neglect Residents

About 70% of Florida’s nursing homes are for-profit businesses. That means that companies want to provide care at the lowest possible cost. What that may mean for residents is:

  • Staff members are minimally qualified
  • The facility is understaffed
  • Staff members aren’t properly trained
  • Facilities pay low wages
  • Staff turnover may be high
  • Nursing home administrators aren’t required to have clinical training
  • Administrators may not be required to have college degrees
  • Most facilities require minimal experience in a nursing home environment

Source: Safety Forum.

About midway between West Palm Beach and Fort Lauderdale, the coastal city of Boca Raton calls itself “A City for All Seasons.” The Palm Beach County community incorporated in 1925. Much of the distinctive Spanish architecture based on the designs of Addison Mizner still characterizes Boca Raton, giving the city a historical flavor amid its modern amenities and businesses. Strict on development, the city is determined to retain its distinctive visual appeal, even as it welcomes tourists from around the globe, intent on enjoying the area’s signature beaches.

Residents of Boca Raton enjoy an affluent lifestyle and a vibrant social climate. However, the nursing home neglect and abuse attorneys at Freeman Injury Law, know that even the most beautiful and exciting communities can experience their share of challenges when it comes to extending quality of life to its most vulnerable citizens. Our Boca Raton elder abuse lawyers step in when living situations become dangerous for those who can’t care for themselves.

Our experienced nursing home and elder abuse attorneys know that Boca Raton, like the rest of the nation, sees its share of elder abuse. Because local residents tend to have greater personal wealth than is the average in other areas, elderly citizens may be particularly vulnerable to financial abuse. According to the National Center on Elder Abuse, financial exploitation may occur in a number of ways: forging a signature, cashing a check without authorization, coercing elderly individuals into signing documents or spending money, and other deceptions that result in financial losses for the elderly. About 5 million older Americans fall victim to financial abuse, according to the NCEA. Other types of elder abuse include physical harm, emotional abuse, sexual abuse, and neglect.

The Boca Raton nursing home neglect attorneys at our firm know that residents of skilled nursing facilities may be even more susceptible to harm from neglect or abuse because they are less able to care for their own needs and to stand up to abusers. Abuse in nursing homes can take many forms, including unnecessary use of restraints, physical assault, sexual assault, forced isolation, psychological or emotional abuse, verbal abuse, and more. Neglect can easily occur when facilities are understaffed. Nursing home occupancy rates hover around 90%, meaning that staff members must serve nearly a full complement of residents, most of whom need significant help with daily activities and medical care.

What happens when nursing home residents are neglected? Weight loss, dehydration, development of pressure ulcers, sepsis and other infections spread, and falls happen more often, leaving residents injured, perhaps seriously. One eight-year study of nursing home issues determined that an average resident receives only 12 minutes of care from registered nurses per day, and only 45 minutes from RNs and other licensed staff combined.

When elderly nursing home residents or other citizens of Boca Raton suffer serious injuries, worsening health conditions, financial losses and other adverse effects due to abuse or neglect, the nursing home abuse and neglect attorneys at Freeman Injury Law, can help. We know how to protect the rights of elderly citizens and how to hold responsible parties liable for the damage they’ve caused. Our efforts on behalf of abused nursing home residents can help end the cycle of suffering and make conditions better for all residents. When nursing home administrators understand that their facilities will be held responsible for poor care, positive changes are more likely to be made.

Call our Boca Raton elder abuse and nursing home neglect attorneys and ask for a free consultation about your elderly loved one’s circumstances. You pay us nothing if we don’t recover compensation for you.

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