Nursing Home Abuse in Cooper City

Facts About Nursing Homes

Nationwide, there are about 17,000 nursing homes in the U.S.

1.6 million people live in America’s nursing homes.

More than 90% of nursing home residents are over 65 years of age.

Women are three times more likely to become nursing home residents than are men.

An average nursing home patient requires help with nearly four out of the five activities that define daily life: bathing, toileting, dressing, eating and transferring.

Source: American Health Care Association; American Association of Homes and Services for the Aging.

Chosen as a Top-10 Town for Families by Family Circle Magazine, Cooper City has earned its motto of “Someplace Special.” With a total area of less than 9 square miles, Cooper City is home to about 30,000 residents. The city was founded by Russian immigrant Morris Cooper, a businessman and developer who kept the community alive through economic hardships in the 1960s. Today, the Broward County community provides an ideal location for professionals seeking a convenient to nearby Fort Lauderdale. Cooper City also is known for its outstanding cricket facilities, and has hosted major competitions featuring the U.S. cricket team.

The suburban lifestyle offered by Cooper City affords comfortable living for many. But the nursing home neglect and elder abuse lawyers at Freeman Injury Law, know that the most vulnerable residents of our community could find themselves among the millions of older Americans who suffer abuse or neglect every day.

The Cooper City nursing home abuse and neglect attorneys at our firm are dedicated defenders of the rights of frail and ill nursing home residents. We know that understaffing, poor training and other factors can leave helpless residents without the supervision and medical treatment they need in order to live safely. When neglect occurs in nursing homes – as government figures tell us it does in at least a third of the nation’s facilities – residents can suffer greatly.

When standards of care aren’t met by nursing homes, cases of sepsis may become more likely to develop. Sepsis, sometimes referred to as blood poisoning, is a potentially lethal reaction to the introduction of bacteria into the body. It can rapidly progress when incapacitated residents aren’t turned and cared for, allowing development of pressure sores, or decubitus ulcers. These open wounds allow bacteria to enter the body. Even with aggressive treatment in hospital intensive care units, sepsis can worsen quickly and claim the lives of frail, elderly victims.

The Cooper City nursing home abuse and neglect lawyers at our firm know that nursing home residents who lack top-quality care may be prone to falling, subject to medication errors, develop infections more readily, and are likely to become malnourished because they lack the help they need to eat. If you fear that a loved one in a nursing home may be suffering such harm, our elder abuse lawyers can help. Our knowledge of the law and experience handling nursing home and elder abuse cases arms us with the know-how to take action designed to stop the abuse and neglect cycle.

If you suspect abuse or neglect, take advantage of visits to your loved one’s nursing facility to become more observant of care conditions. Is your loved one comfortable? Clean? Well nourished and hydrated? Or do you see unexplained bruises, broken bones, and other injuries? Are the bed linens soiled? Is the environment clean or cluttered by obstacles that can cause falls?

When you observe conditions that cause you to question your loved one’s well-being – whether they reside in a nursing facility or at home – our experienced Cooper City nursing home neglect and elder abuse lawyers can help you investigate your suspicions. If you’ve talked with nursing home administrators about your concerns, but the quality of care remains doubtful, you may have a claim for negligence. Call our offices and ask for a free consultation to learn about your loved one’s rights. If harm has been done, our attorneys will pursue compensation for the suffering your family member has endured. If we don’t recover compensation for your damages, you pay us nothing. Call today to put an end to nursing home negligence and elder abuse.

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