Nursing Home Abuse in Lake Worth

Who Reports Elder Abuse?

When it comes to identifying and reporting elder abuse, you may find yourself on the front lines. According to a study of Adult Protective Services investigations nationwide, those most likely to see and report abuse of the elderly are:

  • Family members
  • Social Service workers
  • Friends or neighbors
  • Self-report by victims
  • Nursing home staff
  • Law enforcement officers
  • Undisclosed
  • Home health workers
  • Doctors
  • Others

Source: National Center on Elder Abuse.

Just south of West Palm Beach, Lake Worth is bordered by the body of water that is now known as Lake Worth Lagoon. Seeking to build a town between his railroad and the Lagoon, Henry Flagler encouraged settlement of the area around the turn of the 20th Century. Florida’s land boom in the 1920s brought more people, but subsequent decades saw Lake Worth face the challenges of hurricane damage and economic hard times. Today, the city is still characterized by elements of historic architecture, and its cultural district attracts visitors from throughout South Florida and beyond.

When citizens of Lake Worth and other communities in Palm Beach County need legal services they can rely on, they choose Freeman Injury Law. Our Lake Worth nursing home neglect and abuse attorneys have developed a reputation for providing the strong representation needed to counter the effects of abuse and neglect that harm nursing home residents across our state.

Our experienced nursing home neglect lawyers know that more than 70,000 people reside in Florida’s 671 nursing homes, according to state statistics. Further, most of Florida’s nursing homes – about 7 out of 10 – are for-profit enterprises. When profits are the focus of an organization, it may be easy to cut corners on staffing, supplies, and other measures that help keep costs down. Our Lake Worth nursing home abuse and neglect attorneys have seen the figures that confirm more than 90% of nursing homes – nationally and in our state – are cited for deficiencies in a year’s time.

When nursing home residents don’t receive the care and attention they need, health and emotional consequences can be severe. Nursing homes that aren’t cleaned properly can contribute to the likelihood of infections. Understaffed facilities mean that residents don’t receive help eating, which can lead to malnutrition and dehydration. Too few staff also means residents who can’t move themselves aren’t turned in bed often enough. When that happens, bedsores can form. In turn, those open wounds admit bacteria to the body and the lethal infection sepsis can rapidly develop. Our Lake Worth nursing home neglect and elder abuse attorneys also know that understaffing can drive up the number of falls that occur in nursing homes. Already, residents are two times more likely to fall than are elderly people who live at home. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports that 1,800 nursing home residents lose their lives every year due to fall-related injuries.

The Lake Worth elder abuse lawyers at our firm know that even in the best of communities abuse and neglect can pose problems for elderly citizens. The National Center on Elder Abuse reports more than half a million complaints about elder abuse in a year’s time. Those reports may include physical, emotional, sexual, or financial abuses that come from caregivers, family members and other supposedly trustworthy sources. Self-neglect also causes harm to older Americans, accounting for about 1 in every four reports investigated by Adult Protective Services workers nationwide.

When you fear that someone you love could be at risk because of nursing home abuse or neglect, or because of abuse that takes place within the community, call the Lake Worth nursing home neglect and elder abuse attorneys at Freeman Injury Law. We have successfully represented vulnerable elderly individuals, enabling them to stand up to abusers and to facilities that fail to provide the care that’s been promised. When abuse or neglect causes serious damage, our experienced and tenacious elder abuse lawyers pursue compensation for the suffering and harm that has occurred. Our firm is known for its commitment to our community and its elderly and vulnerable residents. Call the Lake Worth nursing home abuse and elder abuse attorneys at our firm today and ask for a free consultation to discuss your concerns about elder abuse and its damaging effects.

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