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Nursing Home Abuse in Lauderdale Lakes

Learn to Recognize Emotional Abuse

Because relatives and friends have the most frequent contact with elderly individuals and nursing home residents, they are most likely to spot problems involving abuse or neglect.

The National Center on Elder Abuse defines emotional abuse as “the infliction of anguish, pain, or distress through verbal or nonverbal acts.” It may involve humiliation, threats, insults, harassment and other types of ill treatment. Signs of possible emotional abuse include:

  • Agitation or emotional upset
  • Withdrawal and lack of communication
  • Isolation
  • Odd or unusual behaviors, such as rocking or biting
  • Complaints about abuse

Source: National Center on Elder Abuse.

Lauderdale Lakes’ motto, “The Heart of Broward County,” reflects not just its attitude, but also its geographic location. The four-square-mile city lies at the junction of State Road 7 and Oakland Park Blvd. Incorporated in 1961, Lauderdale Lakes went from rural roots to a modern and diverse population focused on business development and economic growth. Lauderdale Lakes’ 32,000 residents enjoy close proximity to Fort Lauderdale, Tamarac, Oakland Park, and Lauderhill.

With its focus on economic development, Lauderdale Lakes reflects the desire of many communities to offer its citizens a continually improving environment and quality of life. At Freeman Injury Law, our Lauderdale Lakes nursing home neglect and elder abuse lawyers are all about quality of life, especially for our older residents and those unable to care for their own needs.

The nursing home abuse and neglect attorneys at our firm serve the residents of Lauderdale Lakes and other South Florida communities when they suspect abuse or neglect and need legal advice they can rely on. Our experienced elder abuse lawyers know that it can be difficult to determine whether standards of care are being met by nursing homes. Residents who need nursing home care are frail and in ill health when they arrive, so it can take a practiced eye to accurately evaluate conditions and ascertain if neglect or abuse might be occurring.

Because our Lauderdale Lakes nursing home abuse and neglect lawyers have handled many cases involving questions about the care of elderly or vulnerable loved ones, we have the know-how needed to investigate the quality of care-giving and determine if problems might exist. Further, we know Florida’s laws about elder care and the actions that can be taken to hold abusers or poor care providers liable for the harm they inflict.

In a nursing home, substandard care can leave vulnerable residents more likely to develop bedsores, infections, and the life-threatening condition sepsis – a severe, systemic infection caused by the immune system’s over-reaction to bacteria. Studies by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention tell us that elderly nursing home residents already are twice as likely to fall as are their counterparts living at home. When supervision is lacking or indifferent, falls are much more likely to take place. The CDC estimates that falls kill 1,800 nursing home residents each year.

At Freeman Injury Law, our Lauderdale Lakes elder abuse attorneys know that problems for older citizens don’t happen only in nursing facilities. They are just as likely to occur in households throughout our state. Physical, emotional, financial, and sexual abuse plague vulnerable older Americans, affecting as many as 2 million people, according to the National Center on Elder Abuse. Our experienced nursing home neglect and elder abuse lawyers are ready to work with you or your family members to pursue allegations of abuse and to see that abusers are stopped. We’ll also seek the compensation you deserve for your physical suffering, financial losses, and any other harm you’ve suffered because of another’s actions or inaction.

When the health and well-being of those you care about are at stake, call on the proven skills of the nursing home neglect and elder abuse attorneys that families in Lauderdale Lakes and Broward County trust. The attorneys at Freeman Injury Law, have the knowledge and tenacity you can rely on for effective representation. We’re dedicated to putting a stop to elder abuse and neglect. Call today for a free consultation. You pay us nothing unless we recover damages for you.

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