Nursing Home Abuse in North Lauderdale

About Sepsis
  • In the U.S., about 750,000 people are diagnosed with severe sepsis annually.
  • As many as half of patients with severe sepsis lose their lives.
  • The number of cases of sepsis has risen over recent years.
  • Most are risk are elderly people, those with immune system disorders, children, infants and people with chronic illness.
  • Severe sepsis requires treatment in a hospital intensive care unit.
  • Government estimates place the cost of treating sepsis at about $17 billion annually.

Source: National Institutes of Health’s National Institute of General Medical Sciences.

Central Broward County’s North Lauderdale is a small city of just over 40,000 residents. Originally conceived by artictect Morris Lapidus who designed Miami’s iconic Fontainebleau Resort, North Lauderdale was to be his “City of Tomorrow.” Indeed, the city still reflects the style that characterizes Lapidus’s work and that helped give Miami Beach its distinct visual personality. North Lauderdale is relatively new, dating to 1963, when it laid the foundation for growth as an affordable community offering easy access to South Florida’s beaches. A city of just five square miles, Fort Lauderdale continues to welcome new residents from across the U.S. and beyond.

The nursing home abuse and neglect attorneys at Freeman Injury Law, are dedicated to ensuring that North Lauderdale and other South Florida communities remain welcoming destinations for all residents – especially those who must rely on caregivers in their own homes or in the area’s skilled nursing facilities. Our nursing home neglect lawyers know that frail and elderly nursing home residents may be in particular peril because of caregiver neglect or mistreatment, but we also know that elder abuse can happen anywhere.

With 670-plus nursing homes across Florida, our state must be particularly vigilant when it comes to protecting the rights of the elderly and chronically ill among us. That’s why the North Lauderdale elderly abuse and nursing home neglect attorneys at our firm are dedicated to providing strong advocacy to those who need a knowledgeable and experienced legal voice. Our experienced nursing home abuse lawyers are known for their diligence in serving residents who have suffered at the hands of abusive or negligent nursing home staff.

When residents of nursing facilities go without proper care, their quality of life deteriorates as rapidly as their health can. Emotional suffering can add to the pain of physical illness, injuries caused by falls or rough handling, the fever and discomfort of infections, and the threat that bedsores caused by infrequent movement could lead to the life-threatening misery of sepsis. North Lauderdale citizens turn to the nursing home neglect and abuse lawyers at Freeman Injury Law, when their ill loved ones need proven legal skills they can rely on. Our elder abuse attorneys aren’t afraid to take on nursing home administrators, doctors, insurance companies or any others who may pose a threat to elderly or other ill nursing home residents.

More than nine out of 10 Florida nursing homes are likely to be cited for some type of deficiency – more often, multiple problems – with the care they provide. Government figures show that nursing home residents suffer twice the number of falls that their peers who live at home endure. Our experienced nursing home neglect attorneys know that North Lauderdale nursing home residents are at risk for serious injuries from such falls, and that falls in nursing facilities kill nearly five people across the U.S. every day.

When you or someone you care about is in harm’s way because of abuse suffered in (or out) of a nursing home, the North Lauderdale elder abuse lawyers at Freeman Injury Law, are the attorneys South Floridians turn to for help. You can rely on our experience and our knowledge of the law to provide you with the guidance and advice you need to address elder abuse and neglect in all its forms. When you need a strong advocate to see that your rights are protected, our skilled attorneys are on your side. Call us today for a free consultation. If you aren’t able to come to our offices, we’ll come to you.

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