Nursing Home Abuse in Riviera Beach

Palm Beach County’s Riviera Beach is an oceanside community of about 32,000 residents. Incorporated in 1922, the city is located on Florida’s Intracoastal Waterway and adjacent to Highway 1, just four miles north of West Palm Beach. Riviera Beach characterizes itself as a “growing harbor city.” The city’s picturesque marina is appreciated for its convenience to Bahamas-bound boaters. Fishing, watersports, and all sorts of outdoor recreation opportunities and venues make Riviera Beach an attractive community for seekers of the tropical Florida lifestyle.

At Freeman Injury Law, our Riviera Beach nursing home neglect and abuse attorneys understand the desire to make Florida’s coastal cities and towns home. Our firm enjoys a respected reputation for providing forceful representation when elderly nursing home residents or vulnerable citizens of Riviera Beach need help to stop abusive treatment and recover damages for the suffering they’ve endured.

Our Riviera Beach nursing home neglect and elder abuse lawyers know that an estimated 2 million older Americans are victims of abuse. That abuse may take the form of:

  • Emotional abuse, causing anxiety, agitation and withdrawal
  • Physical abuse, that results in bruises, battering, and broken bones
  • Sexual abuse that occurs with any unwanted, non-consensual sexual contact
  • Financial abuse that bleeds elderly people of their hard-earned income and assets
  • Neglect that occurs when others fail to provide needed care and attention that are necessary to well-being

When elderly individuals don’t receive the good care they deserve, quality of life suffers. In nursing home settings, abuse and neglect can mean that health conditions rapidly worsen. Falls become more frequent. Environments that aren’t kept clean can lead to infections. Inattentive staff members who fail to turn immobile residents may see bedsores form. When these wounds are allowed to become infected, sepsis can occur, necessitating hospitalization. Of the 750,000 Americans who develop sepsis each year, about half will succumb to the condition. When elderly, frail nursing home residents face such physical challenges their bodies simply can’t fight back.

The Riviera Beach nursing home neglect and elder abuse attorneys at our firm have the resources needed to investigate claims of abuse. We are pleased that our efforts on behalf of elderly nursing home residents have helped to improve conditions for others, as well, leading to overall improvement in those facilities. Our experienced elder abuse lawyers also know what needs to be done to protect the rights of elderly citizens in Riviera Beach and throughout South Florida. We have seen the tragic results of abuses by caregivers and the heartbreak of self-neglect – a leading cause of damage to elderly residents’ well-being.

When you suspect that an elderly person you care about is experiencing abuse or neglect from those entrusted with their care, don’t hesitate to act. Often family and friends who visit nursing homes regularly are the first to notice problems. Bring them to the attention of nursing home managers. If you spot problems occurring in private homes, phone law enforcement authorities if you fear for the safety of an elderly resident.

When you need legal answers and advice you can rely on, trust the nursing home neglect and abuse attorneys that Riviera Beach citizens choose. At Freeman Injury Law, we’re ready to work for you. Our commitment to our profession and our community makes us determined advocates for the elderly. We offer you a free consultation to discuss your concerns about neglect and abuse. If you are unable to come to our offices, we’ll meet with you at home or in your nursing home. Don’t suffer from abuse and neglect – we’re on your side.

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