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What Constitutes Negligence and Why Do I Need a Lawyer

Negligence occurs when someone fails to act as carefully in a given situation as an ordinarily cautious individual would act. It is important to note that specific careless actions can constitute negligence, but so can failure to take action. Whether or not you’ve been the victim of negligence on the part of someone else may be difficult to determine. The specific circumstances must be carefully examined and analyzed.

Negligence and Florida’s Statutes of Limitation

Under Florida law, there are time limits within which an injured party can take legal action. Title VIII, Chapter 95 of the Florida Statutes specifies a four-year time limit for a negligence action. That time frame also applies to injuries received in certain circumstances, actions to recover personal property, and more.

The same chapter limits the time to pursue medical and other types of malpractice to two years. Wrongful death actions also must be pursued within two years.

Source: Florida Statutes

When you’ve been injured because someone else has acted carelessly or has failed to act with the kind of caution that might reasonably be expected in a particular situation, you need an attorney who understands the laws that define negligence. The West Palm Beach negligence lawyers at Freeman Injury Law specialize in cases involving just such injuries. They can defend your interests and pursue your right to receive compensation for the damages you’ve suffered.

If the actions of another (or their failure to act) cause you to be injured, you may find yourself facing many kinds of expenses. For instance, if you were injured in a car accident caused by a driver who was distracted because he was using his cell phone to text message a friend, chances are that the careless driver will have insurance coverage. Naturally, his insurance company will do all it can to keep its expenses to a minimum, and that means the company may try to settle with you for an amount that is far less than you deserve. Or far less than you will need to cover medical bills, lost wages if you are unable to work, the damage to your car, loss of personal property … the list goes on. You need an attorney experienced in negligence cases who will represent your interests aggressively and who will insist that the insurance company’s compensation to you is fair.

Something else to think about is the fact that laws governing negligence cases may place time limits on your ability to claim damages. A negligence attorney is familiar with all the conditions that must be met if you are to retain your eligibility to pursue compensation for your pain, suffering and property loss. That kind of expertise can mean the difference between having the financial ability to get the medical care you – or a loved one – need, or not. When a negligence attorney pursues a claim for you, success can make it possible for you to buy a new car and replace the belongings that were destroyed in the accident. If you miss a deadline to pursue legal action, you may find yourself left with no options to replace those items.

If you’ve suffered injuries because of someone else’s negligence, contact Freeman Injury Law immediately. Time can be of the essence, and our experienced negligence attorneys will act at once to evaluate your situation and protect your rights. Don’t let big insurance companies intimidate you or force you to agree to a low settlement that you don’t feel is fair. When you need a knowledgeable negligence lawyer on YOUR side, contact Freeman Injury Law.

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