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Winter Park, a suburban city in Orange County, is renowned for its, “Old World Charm.” The downtown area is dotted with elegant homes, large tree canopy and quaint bricked streets. What used to be a resort town for affluent businessmen, movie stars, singers and politicians is now home to Rollins College and a thriving cultural scene.

Popular draws include the Alfond Inn (at the site of the once-iconic Langford Resort Hotel), the Winter Park Sidewalk Art Festival (one of the nation’s oldest and largest-juried) and expansive park spaces, pristine golf courses, a beach and boat launch and shops along Park Avenue.

This, along with its proximity to Orlando and all the major theme parks make Winter Park a prime destination both for “snowbirds” (seasonal residents), vacationers and full-time locals.

At Freeman Injury Law, our Winter Park injury lawyers recognize that as the city has changed, so too have the safety concerns and priorities for residents and visitors. We understand that when you sustain a personal injury, the pain and suffering and emotional trauma can leave an indelible mark on your life. Legal claims for injury in Winter Park can arise from a variety of incidents, including:

  • Car Accidents
  • Drunk Driving Injuries
  • Bicycle Accidents
  • Motorcycle Accidents
  • Construction Accidents
  • Truck Accidents
  • Bus Accidents
  • Unsafe Premises/ Slip-and-Fall/ Negligent Security
  • Work-Related Injury
  • Nursing Home Abuse/ Neglect
  • Medical Malpractice

In cases where you are injured by the negligence or wrongful conduct of another, you may be able to recover compensation for legal damages, which may include past and future medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering and mental anguish.

However, understand that the burden of proving each aspect of your claim is on you. That means you must not only prove the negligence/ fault of the other party, you also have to show the full extent of your damages by a preponderance of the evidence. Simultaneously, you are fighting back against attempts by insurance companies who are finding any opportunity to deny liability or minimize the claim’s value. In many cases, they will seek to assert you are actually responsible in whole or in part for your own injuries.

At Freeman Injury Law, we take on the insurance companies, deep-pocketed businesses and at-fault parties whose careless, reckless actions caused you needless suffering.

Traffic Injuries in Winter Park

One of the most common types of claims for damages in Winter Park involve traffic injuries.

The Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles reports there were 787 car crashes in 2015, resulting in nearly 500 injuries. Approximately 50 of those cases involved bicyclists or pedestrians and more than 70 involved commercial vehicles.

The Winter Park Pedestrian and Bicycle Circulation Plan maps out the desires of city officials to make this area a safe, desirable place to bike and walk.

This involved first taking an inventory of sidewalks – and streets without. Nearly 70 miles of the city still need sidewalks, and the city has budgeted more than $5.3 million over the course of several years to see this happen. The plan does not outline a maintenance budget for older sidewalks that may have fallen into disrepair, which can pose a trip-and-fall hazard. The city has, however, designated a number of new crosswalk areas, including several that will be signalized.

With regard to the safety of bicyclists, city leaders have vowed to implement a long-range bicycle network that will provide for on- and off-street connections throughout the city. When it’s done, the plan indicates there will be 30 additional miles of bicycle lanes, routes and multi-use paths. Plus, all schools and city buildings (and many private businesses) will allow direct and internal circulation to areas near building entrances and other on-site destinations.

As far as commercial vehicle accidents, most of those we see on Interstate 4 in Winter Park, particularly at the notorious Fairbanks Avenue curve. Truck accidents in particular are of great concern because the sheer size of these vehicles means a higher likelihood of serious injuries for those with whom they collide.

Choosing a Winter Park Injury Lawyer

Choosing an injury attorney in Winter Park can be a challenging task, particularly as more lawyers turn their attentions to marketing in this growing city.

Some of the elements you need to consider:

  • General experience. Where someone went to law school isn’t necessarily as important as the results they get. You want to know how long the lawyer has been in practice, what percentage of the practice involves personal injury cases and what experience the attorney has with the insurer/ particular adjuster in your case.

  • Who is working on your case. In some instances, there will be a legal team assigned to your case, with newer lawyers and paralegals handling routine tasks, and more experienced lawyers overseeing the bigger picture/ tough negotiations /trial. This can be expedient and financial beneficial for you. You need to know that your personal injury lawyer is going to have time and dedication to your case, as well as the resources necessary to go toe-to-toe with insurers and large companies.

  • Record of success. How many cases has the attorney handled? How many of those resulted in favorable verdicts or settlements? How many of those claims were similar to yours?

  • Goals. What does your attorney see as an attainable goal in your case? What are the advantages and realistic challenges you’re facing? No attorney can guarantee you a particular outcome, but an experienced one should be able to give you a good idea upfront regarding your chances of success.

If you have suffered a personal injury in Winter Park, our injury lawyers can help you determine the best legal course of action.

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